Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11435

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Priya Srinivasan
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Business Opportunity Rule
REF: Business Opportunity Rule, R511993" I have been a Quixtar IBO since June 1993. This business opportunity allows me to own and operate my own business without a huge capital investment. Before registering my sponsors provided me adequate information about the buisness opportunity. I registered after 2 days of seeing the business concept. I do the same when registering new people for my business. The new prospects pay approximately $125.00 - $150.00 for products and registration when they become IBOS. 80% of this is refundable if they decide to change their minds in 3 months. I do not believe in having the 7 day waiting period because it would adversely affect our business. When a prospect gets started in the business , he or she needs to see immediate results for them to pursue further. The new people already meet other IBOs to get feedback and at that time they can check the income potential. I would not like prospects calling me to ask for references. It would violate my privacy to have my phone number floating around. Also it would suffice to show the prospects what an average IBO makes in this oppprtunity. We dont go around disclosing our household incomes to strangers. I propose this rule should be eliminated. Major corporations like Microsoft & Walmart have millions of lawsuits against them. Do they have to provide a list of all their litigations to a customer before the customer decides to purchase their products? Why do Quixtar IBOs have to do this? Passing of this rule would be a big blow to the Free Enterprise System on which the USA is based upon.