Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11419

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Kiyomi Harada
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Business Opportunity Rule
I do agree that regulations need to be put into place to prevent those who are being taken advantage of, however I do believe there are better ways. I have been involved with Quixtar for about 1 year. I was afforded all the time I needed (it took me 6 months and attending countess meetings; for which I was never charged) for me to believe this was a legitimate business. I was never pressured to join, and in fact, once I was ready I had to ask for my sponsor to register me. In addition to, Quixtar offers a 6 month money back guarantee for those who are displeased with the opportunity or simply decide it is not for them. This offers more than ample time to allow a person to acquire success or quit if they choose. Could we allow companies who offer 100% money back guarantees to waive the waiting period? I work at a financial institution, and if it were necessary for me to show every lawsuit against the company I work for to every new customer, it would be absurd. The legitimacy of our business is not confirmed nor denied by a lawsuit. The most successful companies in America have more lawsuits than illegal companies. If a person wants to know about lawsuits taken against Quixtar, the documents are public record and easily accessible with a little research (I found 2 or 3 online doing a simple search on Google). I believe we could eliminate this altogether. It will only make a new, illegal business, look even more real because there are no lawsuits yet. Everyone in this business encouraged me to do research and directed me to the FTC and BBB websites. If a person wants true answers, they will find them in government sponsored websites. The problem with income statements, while the are great proof, are easily forged. Checks and money orders are found counterfeit everyday; to the point that even banks have a hard time differentiating. If a company is already illegal, they already have the means to provide forged documents (and if they don't now, it won't be hard to obtain), which again, is only inconvenient to the honest companies, and not protecting prospects from illegal companies. In fact, it once again, makes illegal companies look more legitimate. We also provide a detailed break-down to our prospects of how the bonuses are paid and how much they can expect to pay as a monthly operating expense to run their own company from home powered by Quixtar. I was, from day 1, aware that if I did not work the business, I would not get paid, regardless of my investment into the business. To protect the confidentiality of IBO's I believe the requirement to share income should be eliminated. Quixtar stays well within legal standards, and every legitimate Direct Sales company does the same thing. I believe we can find less burdensome ways to protect the American People. Would the general public even be aware of these rules? All legitimate companies will follow any regulations placed, but how does that protect the people from the illegal companies who are already working under the radar of the law? We have to be able to work in regulations, while inconvenient; will do a better job of protecting potential business owners. Kiyomi Harada San Antonio, TX