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Jan Edwards
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Business Opportunity Rule
My husband and I have been involved with Quixtar/Amway since 1995. Our experience has been extremely positive--it has helped us financially, and in every other way. There have been frustrations, and times when we missed our goals, but never have we felt lied to or misled. The Quixtar Business Plan is very clear on what it takes to be successful, and the website is full of support information, income calculations, etc. I am well aware that there are LOTS of other direct selling businesses that are frought with deceptions and "get rich quick" schemes -- people turn our opportunity down because of them every day. Usually that's because they realize that the Quixtar model requires them to WORK! The problem of people not working to work, or not doing what they say they're going to, or trying to deceive others is not NEW, nor is it unique to the direct selling business -- it's unfortunately human nature, and you'll find it in all of life! Should it be legally stopped where possible? ABSOLUTELY! Should it create hardships for those of us doing it right? PLEASE NO! Quite frankly, most of the people who try to build this business without integrity quit rather quickly anyway -- the majority of Quixtar IBO's I've met are working hard to build a team on honesty and principle. Please consider Quixtar's position and recommendations without imposing absurd requirements on Independent Business Owners. THANK YOU! Jan Edwards