Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11403

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Shara Graham
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been a Quixtar Indepandent Business Owner (IBO) since 1989. During that time my husband and I have been in Alaska, Arizona and now Texas. The business has been able to be with us in all the states. We are also apart of a support and training system World Wide Group (WWG) that enhances Quixtar and helps teach us the proper way of doing business. I am glad to see a bill that addresses the negative aspects of some of the other businesses out there that do not teach proper business practices. When we registered in as an IBO our sponsor gave us all the required FTC documents for us to review. We were not promised a "Get rich quick" scheme nor do we tell others we want to share the opportunity with. When we register new folks in the business they receive product to use and literature to help them get started becoming prosperous. This all costs about $150. of which all has a money back guarantee. The 1st issue I'd like to address is the 7 day waiting period- This impacts the person signing up in being able to make money through selling products and letting them expose the opportunity to their friends and family. Most of the time the propect has gotten written FTC information on the business opportunity, been to meetings, seen web presentations, talked to people that have gone before them and so on. So by the time they are ready to register they are ready to jump in and make money. They in turn are doing the same with their friends and family. So the 7 day waiting period impacts their ability to make money. The 2nd issue- In today's climate of identity theft gone rampant, I do not think it is a wise course of action to give out names and personal infomation of others. When I sponsor a person I always introduce them to the people that got me involved with the business. They are people that will be able to help them and have a vested interest in there future. If at that time they want to give their personal information they can do that. Their privacy is then in their hands. Also if I give references of others in my business they might want to impose themselves on the individual and try to get them to come in their business instead of mine. The 3rd issue- In the FTC document we already have a disclosure statement that addresses average IBO income information. It discloses what an average IBO is and what they usually make. I don't think disclosing all litigation towards a company is a necessity. It be like going to a restaurant or shop or any establishment and asking for a list of law suits against them. It is not logical to expect anything like that. There are so many companies out there that have had lawsuits against them, but it doesn't stop us from shopping or eating at them. If anyone truly wants that information they can get it from other sources. The 4th and 5th Issue- Earnings potential and what I actually make in my Quixtar business. The earnings potential is printed in the FTC SA4400 document. It breaks it down very consisely. Further explanation is not needed. I explain how I've done when I'm doing what I'm supposed to in the business to make money. Some months I'm more prosperous than others. I feel it's up to the individual what they want to disclose how much they actually make in the business. In summary, I am encouraged you are trying to stop the fake businesses out there from hurting others. If you want an example of a great business opportunity to model your bill after, you should seriously look at Quixtar with WWG's support and training system backing it up. I am a believer in this business opportunity!! WWG always thinks of the newest person coming in and wants to give them the best start. Thank you for taking the time in listening to me and my views.