Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11399

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Gina Dahlinger
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Business Opportunity Rule
As an Independant Business Owner, the rules you are proposing would put a prohibitive burden upon us and truly hurt our business. I understand the reasons behind needing some legislation to control fraud, but the measures proposed here are extreme and much too limiting of the freedoms we are commited to in the United States of America. We have built our business to a 4000 pin level in Quixtar, and never has there been any type of fraud, or misrepresentation of the money we would earn, the amount of work it would take to get here, or the tools we would need in order to reach our goals. Without the excitement of new IBO's, this business simply would not function in the way that it can. How is the brand new person supposed to show proof of income, without infringing on the privacy of their upline (who may well be new themselves and not earning much yet)? If we must wait seven days before signing up or beginning to build our businesses, we will lose much of the initial excitement and activity that gets the newest IBO started and going. Perhaps a full refund offer to anyone within the first month of business would solve that problem. (This is something we personally offer anyway!). I would not like to be called by people looking at this business every time. Part of what we offer is a way to replace your money and TIME - I believe that this would not only be an invasion of privacy, but very annoying if every persons prospect had to have someone to call. Also, there are many different ways to build this business and I do not want my downline calling someone who has no interest in their future and perhaps getting bad advice. There are numerous publications and cds and other forms of communication, from people who have built this business PROPERLY available to give to people who are looking at building this business. We have been involved with Quixtar (and also previously with Amway) for the past 12 years. We did not "get rich quick" and we have had to work to make the money we earn in this business today. We tell that to every person we talk to about this business opportunity. Please know that this is a GREAT opportunity for people who are willing to work at it. The rules you are proposing will cater to those people who talk but don't work and those who really just want to complain about how everything is "unfair". This business will provide income to anyone who puts in the effort and you will be punishing those of us who have done that. Please reconsider the proposed rules. Thank you for your time and attention. Gina K. Dahlinger