Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11393

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Carolyn Beck
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Business Opportunity Rule
To whom it may concern regarding the proposed New Business Opportunity Rule: With regard to the Direct Sales Business, an opportunity is just that. An opportunity for the individual to use whatever talents and creative ideas they might have about their product and make it into whatever type of business (minimally successful to extremely successful) because they are working for themselves and within the parameters of the association they are involved with. There are very few people that step outside of the rules and regulations, as they know their business depends upon honesty. I am a retired secretary, almost 62 years of age, and started in direct sales a little over five years ago. It has changed my life completely! If this opportunity had presented itself to me many years ago, I would have had a much happier life. In the beginning, I was told it was MY business, and I could work as hard or as little as my life demanded or desired. No one made any outrageous claims about what I had to do, or any promises of any outcome other than what I wanted from this business. Not only have I been able to make a decent income, but I have truly transformed into the person I never thought I could be. In our business, making a person wait at least seven days to sign a contract would make it much harder on the person starting the business. We can turn their first show into a starter show if they like, but it usually has to be done within three to four days of their show to make sure the customers get their product in a timely fashion. lia sophia does not make you commit to staying with the business if you change your mind. Who would want an Advisor that didn't want to do the business? And as for people starting and leaving, some people just start a business like this to make some money for a trip, to pay off a specific bill, buy a new car, etc. and when their objective is met, they quit. Others stay in it for years because they love it so much, and still others quit within a short time because they do not have the drive or desire to make it work. Any business doesn't just happen - one has to MAKE it happen. And to try to keep track of the whens and whys of others invades their privacy and puts an unnecessary pressure on them. My earnings from this business does not and cannot (because it changes depending upon how much I choose to work) be shared with prospective recruits, because if my income is low because that is all I want at the present time, or if it is high because I am aiming much higher than they ever would, it would discourage anyone from trying any type of business. Direct Sales is a "personal decision" type of business to take wherever your heart and mind wants to take it. That is what is offered to anyone new. The question is "What do YOU want from this business, and we will help you attain your goals". I implore you not to implement rules and regulations that takes away our freedom of conducting business in a cheerful, happy manner, and make things so difficult that no one, including those of us who have been in the business for some time, to want to quit. It would destroy the wonderful opportunities that are there for everyone and anyone who would like to take hold and run with their dreams. Carolyn Beck Division Manager, lia sophia jewelry