Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11378

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Dianne Bailey
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Business Opportunity Rule
July 17, 2006 Dear FTC: The following is my comments regarding the changes that you would like to make to operate my multi-level business: * You should create a level playing field by requiring clear, simple, and standardized income disclosures that apply to all direct sellers. * You should provide a reasonable cancellation policy. * You should not require a seven-day waiting period before a prospect could register. * You should not require IBO references to be provided to prospects or disclosure of past litigation. * You should not require financial records to be disclosed to prospects. I hope that you make the necessary changes to your rules so that you can take the necessary steps to close down organizations that are illegal. But I hope you don't tie the hands of the organizations that are doing everything correctly by making some of the proposed changes you have at this time. Please take my recommendations above into consideration. Sincerely, Dianne Bailey Bailey & Associates