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Business Opportunity Rule
I am a 65 year old grandmother, raising a thirteen year old who adds to my limited income as a business opportunity seller. I am afraid that the Business Opportunity Rules being considered will do little to stop fraud, but have a great impact on my ability to earn an income. Most of my business comes from people I meet and to require me to increase my work load (by requiring additional follow up contact, documentation and etc.) would have a negative impact on my ability to earn a living. My time to devote to my business in already severely limited as I am raising a grandchild while also caring for a mother with Alzheimer's. I am greatly concerned that the proposed Business Opportunity Rule will not have the desired effect. I know that the rule is being considered as a way to combat fraud, but feel that people such as me will be the ones adversely affected by it and those who engage in fraudulent activities will only find ways around any rules or other dishonest ways to do business. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this comment.