Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11367

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Sharad Naik
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Business Opportunity Rule
Myself and wife Meena have been with Quixtar and it affiliates for the last 10 years. Our experience with the company has been extraordinary and life changing both in our personal and financial matters. It has helped my wife Meena (Masters in Medical Lab Technology) to retire and stay home and raise our 4 year old daughter Sejal. We have developed a huge network of friends who are there for us to help out whenever we need them. It provides us a sense of security and a safety net. This would not have been possible without this business. When we saw the opportunity, we got enough information to make our decision. We registered with around $150 which included about $90 worth of products that we could use in our own house and we had a 6 months guarantee to return the products if we were not happy with the opportunity. When we show the plan to the people we show the entire plan, we thyen give the literature pack approved by the FTC and give them other literatature and websites like and links to the Quixtar website andother CD's that they can review and listen. We then set up a followup at a mutually convenient time and then get back to them to go over their questions and concerns. We give product samples and product demos to show the quality of the products and give them a WEB tour of QUIXTAR. We introduce them to other people in the business so they can ask them questions and have them share their experience. If after that they are interested, we help them register with the optional product pack for about $150 - $170 and then we help them to show the plan to their referrals. Throughout all this process the new business owner understands that they can opt out of the business anytime if they are not satisfied within the first 6 months. The 7 day waiting period would affect our business in a negative way because the new people may register with other IBO's who did not spend the time to give the information to them and that would not be fair to the person or couple who had invested the time to share the opportunity. Also if we have to give referrlas name/phone number, it will afffect their privacy and even for myself and my wife, it would not be appropriate for some starnger to give me a call. In the sponsoring process we give enough information and the potential business owner also has access to other IBO's in our open meetings and product information meetings to meet other IBO's. They also get a FTC approved document SA-4400 to analyse. I hope this Helps. Thanks Sharad and Meena (IBO # 2921266)