Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11361

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Valarie Cichy
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Business Opportunity Rule
Dear Federal Trade Commission Member: I am writing to ask that you reconsider some of the requirements you are proposing to regulate the direct sales industry. I am a PartyLite Consultant who has been proud to be involved in this business for nearly 7 years. I began my PartyLite business to keep up with the ever growing expenses of family life. The income I earn has allowed me to financially assist with my children's college expenses and has enhanced our family's lifestyle greatly. The proposals you are suggesting would make my business much more difficult and possibly impact my income. Specifically, in terms of the references requirement, I would never feel comfortable providing the personal contact information of other people in PartyLite, nor would I want my own personal information given out freely. I feel good about sharing PartyLite's very real business opportunity with others, and want to continue to easily introduce PartyLite to more people who could benefit as I have. The regulations you are proposing would hinder me from doing so - and would hinder others in starting their business in the timeframe they choose. Please know that I'm thankful that we have the FTC working to protect average consumers like me, but in this case, you will be working against me, impacting my income, my future and my family's future. Please reconsider the regulations you are proposing. Respectfully yours, Valarie Cichy Senior Unit Leader PartyLite Gifts