Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11346

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angela meglio
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been an Independent Business Owner(IBO) for 10 years. As an IBO, I enjoy access to 100's of products and services at wholesale. I also benefit from a Personal Development Program that greatly improves myself and my life. When I registered, I was given plenty of time to make my decision as well as substantial information regarding the business and the company. My registration packet was under $200.00 and was 100% refundable if I changed my mind. It still is today for all newly registered IBO's. When explaining the opportunity to others, it is made clear that it is hard work, that if you do nothing, you will get nothing in return, that you are compensated in direct proportion to the effectivness of your efforts. Today, the registration start up fees are still less than $200.00. (100% refundable) If we were required to have a 7-day waiting period before registering and new IBO, I think it would adversely effect my business because history shows that the more time passes between the time someone sees the compenstion plan to the time they decide, the less information they retain. The waiting period would severely slow down the process in my opinion. Momentum is important. Although there are many times that new IBO's choose themselves to wait a few days before registering, I would like to option to register new IBO's when they are ready. And again, there is no risk because their registration fee is refundable. Next, regarding the requirement to provide references. This seems very unfair. As we are working to expand and build our business and other team-members' businesses, it seems unfair to have the possibility that our prospect become involved in another IBO's business when that other business did not initiate first contact. That would be like a salesman for one company setting up a new account and then handing it over to his competitor before the sale is made. It is not fair in that sense. Furthermore, I am not very comfortable having my name, address, and phone number distributed to possible new IBO's in other people's businesses that are not part of my team. On our team, we encourage interaction and converstion within our teammates anyway. We do this by meeting them face to face in both business and social settings. I feel requirement of a reference list might be a deterant to both current business and future businesses because of privacy issues.