Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11335

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Akash and Constance Vineyard
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Business Opportunity Rule
We have been working together to build a business since we got married a little over a year ago. Quixtar has been a wonderful opportunity for us. In addition to having a plan to create extra income, we have had opportunities for personal growth, and have had a chance to build relationships with many people. Akash registered before we got together as a couple. He received detailed information about the opportunity. When we meet with people, we provide them with cds, brochures, books if they want, an opportunity to talk with our upline, and a chance to come to a local event. We explain the time, energy, and effort that it takes to build a business and that their efforts will determine how their business grows. We let them know that we will be available to help them learn and grow their business and that we have a team approach which they can plug into. Registration is $200 to get started, that includes $60 that is an optional product pack (from Quixtar) that allows them to sample some products and $30 that is an optional Starter Pack from INA that will help them start looking for new people for their business. We would be limited greatly in our efforts if we had to have a seven-day wait period for prospects before they could sign-up. We meet with a lot of people, give them a clear idea of what we are doing, and then encourage them to make a decision based on what their interest is and what they want to accomplish. Part of the way that the business gets built is by building excitement and momentum. We get new IBOs or new prospects to a local meeting as soon as possible and get them started adding people to their team as soon as possible. This greatly improves their chances of being successful. If instead they step back and wait seven days, they are likely to talk to people who haven't been successful (usually because they haven't been willing to work hard) and get discouraged. We want to help them succeed and get them around positive people right away who are moving ahead. As busy as we and other IBOs are, having to provide references, and take calls from people who are checking references would be unduly burdensome. People have an opportunity to speak to others in the business before they sign up by coming to local event, we have several per month in the area...or by getting on a phone session. Also, if we were to give prospects a list of IBOs, someone we prospected might sign up on someone else's team which would be unfair after we have put in the original work. Providing a litigation list would also be unfairly burdensome. We shouldn't be held responsible for what other IBOs have done as they have built their businesses. We are honest an open with our prospects and we are committed to helping them be successful in INA, this is the experience we have had with the people who brought us into the business and this is how we have been taught to be with our prospects and IBOs. Intergrity helps our business to grow. We don't believe we should be penalized for the lack of integrity of others. We are honest with prospects about the earning potential in INA/Quixtar. We disclose what the average IBO earns per month. We are honest about the fact that we are still fairly new in the business, that we have one, three, and five year goals that we are working on with support from our upline sponsor. If we had to disclose exactly what we were making it would unduly penalize us. People might only want to sign up with more experienced IBOs and that would inhibit our ability to build our business. If they do sign up with us, they will have access to and support from people in INA who are more experienced than we are. That is how the team approach works. We support the idea of people being protected from fraud, but we don't believe that in the process we should be severely hindered in our attempts to be successful.