Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11329

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J. Michael Brown
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
Ladies and Gentlemen: The proposed new rule (16 CFR Part 4370), if passed, would have a severe negative impact on the network marketing industry. The companies affected might decide to move outside of our borders. This would result in a loss of tax revenue for the United States. -- In addition, it the new rule were passed, it would deter members in the Multi-level Marketing industry from achieving financial gain. Their income tax deductions would remain the same, but their income would be placed in a disadvantaged position. Ergo, passage of the new rule would result in a NET LOSS of income tax revenue for individual states of the union as well as for the United States. -- Since passage of rule 16 CFR Part 4370 would result in a LOSS of tax revenue for the states and for the States, therefore, a vote AGAINST THE NEW RULE is a vote for the United States of America. -- Sincerely, -- J. Michael Brown, MA -- President/CEO, Brown Enterprises International