Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11318

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Vish Balasu bramanyam
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Business Opportunity Rule
7/16/06 Dear FTC Official, My name is Vishwasenani Balasubramanyam (Vish). I have been an Independent Business owner with Quixtar for over 4 years now. I started the business when a schoolmate approached me with the idea. I was so impressed with the person that I went to a meeting which was very professional and appealing. There was no extravagant claims and dishonest behavior. I even though, was skeptic, started the business. Today, I am married and me and my wife Sowmya are very excited about our life our future and the impact this business has had on our life and that of many others in our organization including our family members. We do not convince or pressurize people or we don't make decisions for them. When I show the plan, I definitely mention, it is not a get rich quick scheme, there is work involved and you have 100% money-back guarantee. Thanks to the business there are lot of teenagers who have gotten out of drugs, and other devastating and socially dangerous habits. They have got a higher confidence, a direction and a hope for the future. Thanks to the business there are working moms who have come home to raise their own kids. Thanks to the business we have so many couples who have their marriages enriched and some of them saved their marriages! I don't see any other way I and my wife could have accomplished the above if we did not show the business to them. I strongly believe the newly proposed FTC rules will hamper our contributions to our local community and to the society in general. The 7-day time limit will slow down the reach of this business to so many millions of people. To get started it takes $350 and it is 100% refundable for 6-months. And I make sure the new person is aware of that. We have had cases people think it is get rich quick scheme and they get in. We offer them the company phone number and request them to return the kit. Most average people have never owned businesses. They lack the ability, knowledge, expertise, confidence and money in some cases singly or in combination. I wasn't ready either. However through this business I was able to learn and grow my understanding of the Free-enterprise system and the business. If I had shown all the litigations that the company had seen, a) I did not have the ability to understand b) I would've been so confused that I wouldn't take any action c) I would've missed the business just because we common people are scared to hear terms like litigation, and that will blurr the judgement and miss out on owning your own business and making the American dream come true! Financially it's impossible that any sane human being can make it in the US today with one income. Most immigrants like us don't have a god-father or money to start a business to bring money into the family budget. This is a humble business with low-start up capital and a company that provides the infrastructure to run your business. If not for this business there would be no hope for us even though we are both professionals and make significant incomes. It's so easy to get trapped in the debt of credit cards, taxes, insurance and bills. This business provides a relief from that financial disaster. Hence I take pride in sharing (not selling) this business idea with at most honesty, sincerity and great intentions. People have a choice, it's a volunteer team, they can quit any time, no penalities. After I show the business splan, I leave the people with FTC --approved document that details all the bonuses, the income potential and also the work one has to do, to achieve it. It's simple and understandable and doable. Please reconsider the newly proposed rules; they are a direct hindrance to the free-enterprise system that America is all about. Regards Vish and Sowmya