Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11305

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Peter Schwertz
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been a quixtar amway Ibo since 1994. While I have made a minimum finacial profit, I feel that a lot of the training has been invalualbe to me in my professional life. In addition the opportunity is always there for me to act on. Quixtar provides an opportunity to allow someone like myself to start a business without a legal hassle. People who have signed up with me have done so because they want to try to achieve a dream. Yes it is emotionally driven business. The thing is that the amount of money involved is so small. I can't even eat dinner for the registration fee. The biggest problem I have with the proposed law is that it is a redundancy. We already have laws governing theft and fraud. All this will do is take away an opportunity from the regular person. People who are interested in running a ponzi scheme are going to do it anyway. Second if you are worried about the illegal pyramid scheme, why not put the burden on the company. Perhaps if someone wants to engage in a business across state lines they will have to post a bond equal to 50% of the registration fees that they collect. This will distinguish those companies' that make money solely on registration fee. Quixtar doesnot pay a dime unless products move. Third, The 7 day waiting period will impede the flow of energy. In any type of selling activity, success is a mindset. If you slow down the success you make it that much harder. At the very least make this law applicable only to opportunities that have a much higher entry fee. Perhaps a$500 floor for registration fee. I just can't beliening we are talking about an opportunity of $100 This is nothing more than a lawyers full employment act. Quit trying to be my parent, I am old enough to make my own decisions.