Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11285

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wooiyi yin
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been an IBO with for 10 years. Networking and people skills are the greatest assets I have learned in the direct sales business. This has been beneficial for my regular job. One can start a business with a very small capital and little time involvement. Besides coaching and mentoring comes along with it. These are intangible that a new IBO will not be able to give a quantitive dollar amount. We do not "sell" quixtar as a "get rich quick" program on the contrary we sell our business as a 3 to 5 years program. Each of us as individuals is unique, one cannot guranteed sucess of anyone, just like McDonald corporation does not quaranteed the sucess of each of its restaurantee. Quixtar is willing to reimburse back the initial cost of the registration for up to one year. Waiting for 7 days to register as an IBO is not pratical. The registration fees of less than $200.00 is much less than a purchase of a car !! We are not required to wait for 7 days to make any purchase like a car. Besides, in quixtar - we can start our business the moment we registered online and in 7 days, many IBO would have sponsored others or able to sell any products on the site. To provide a list of IBO in the area opens a whole lots of problems. What happened to our individual privacy? I will NOT want my name to be added to a public list. Actually, with quixtar, there are lots of area seminars which the prospects can choose to meet others. The proposal of providing a litigation list is aburd. We know we live in a litigaous society. In any product or business which have been established for a while will have been sued with or without merits. Again, in the car business, we are not required to give any statistics on BBB's complains or any kind of litigations. We sell a product which much more expensive and problematic without any guarantee or refund!!