Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11231

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Lynda Burroughs
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been affiliated with Quixtar and AMWAY (prior to 1999) since May 1994. The highest priority is placed on providing candidates with as much information as possible prior to them being selected for our team of business owners and registering as an Independent Business Owner with Quixtar. Much effort is made to help people to understand that this is NOT a "get rich quick" scheme and, quite honestly, those that think it is, never get selected for the team. We take great pains to make certain people are aware that, though the start up cost is less than $150, it is very much a business opportunity based on how much work you do and in no way is a guarantee that you will be wealthy. Only an avenue to do so if you are willing to work. I would like to address the specific proposals one by one: seven-day waiting period - This would be detrimental to my business and would hamper my profitability. If someon has to wait for 7 days after they have registered before they can sponsor someone, their profit potential will be dramatically slowed and they will lose interest in the business due to over regulation. One of the draws of this business is the ability to be independent and to earn profit as quickly as you are willing to put the work in to do it. provide references - If I were to provide references of 10 local IBOs, how am I guaranteed that one of those IBOs won't 'pirate' my candidate? We have a 3 step selection process, the second step is for the candidate to meet the team and see the business plan. They will meet approximately 50 to 60 IBOs at that meeting and they are free to ask whatever questions they like. litigation list - The proposal doesn't adequately cover what a "seller" is, meaning that IBOs may have to list all litigation involving Quixtar itself as well as the entire IBO force across the country. This would also not be limited to cases found against the seller but even filed cases with no merit. specific earnings disclosures - I cannot think of anything more inappropriate than requiring my family to disclose to perfect strangers our financial situation.