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kay sargent
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Business Opportunity Rule
My husband and I have been IBO's for 12 yrs. We are at the platinum level on our way to founders platinums. Quixtar is our lifestyle. We were dairy farmers who lost our farm. This opportunity came into our lives less than a yr. before the loss of our farm. Being involved with the people brought us through the most difficult and heartbreaking period of our lives. The Corp. stands for integrity. The training system does also. We received plenty of information before we made the decision to become involved. The cost is so little, about $135; which is refundable if not satisfied. I've held tractor parts in my hand that cost 5 times that much! Waiting 7 days to sign someone up, we believe, would cause more problems then to be an asset. Since people can receive their money back if they change their minds I don't understand the need of waiting 7 dys. By the way since we've been in we've only had 2 people ever ask for their money back. My husband wanted to become involved as soon as he saw the opportunity. He wouldn't have appreciated having to wait 7 dys. before he could get started. The waiting would make me think... mmmmm I wonder if something is fishy about this business. I believe it would cause problems. It would certainly cause more headaches for us because of the price of gas. We have to travel miles in our rural area to share our opportunity with people, and waiting 7 days to go back to see if they are interested will involve more time and money. If we have to list other IBO's in the prospects area is what we refer to as crosslining in this business. They would not be people they would personally be working with since they would be in a different line of sponcership. For me whenever I get something in the mail that gives the names of other people who have bought whatever I feel pushed. Also, going to purchase something and the sales person uses names of others. I don't like it. I think my sales should be private. I don't feel it is others business what I buy. As far as listing lawsuits I am not for it. If Quixtar has to do it why not every other business or person for that matter. When I walk into IBM I don't see their lawsuits posted on the office wall. I was on our local schoolboard, and before I served our school got sued. Should schools have their lawsuits posted? I don't believe it is correct for some to and others not. We don't disclose our incomes when we talk to prospects. There is information on the average incomes of each level. I think telling how much you make in inappropriate. If you make a lot people will think you are bragging, and if you don't they will base the opportunity on that, and think it doesn't work. Most people will not think beyond the money you make. When we had the farm and our milk was picked up the hauler posted the amount on a chart. Many times people would come into our barn and go over and check it out; which I always thought was rude. Because if they knew the price per hundredweight of milk they could figure out how much we made. I don't go around asking people what they make at their job or how much or if they got a raise. I believe if I am good at what I do I could make more than the ave. worker. And in this business 2 people could be at the same level and be making different incomes. It is on how you structure your business. I believe that the proposals are not helpful to us or the prospects. We have so much available to us to give to the prospects so they can make an intelligent decision. We are so thankful we are involved, and want to continue building our futures with this. All our children are involved so we have the family concept just as we did on the farm. We lost our dream when we lost the farm. Farming has become so difficult for families, and when we were trying to get our voices heard then no one listened. No one is today, and we ask that you listen to us about this business.