Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11224

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Sanjeev Gupta
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Business Opportunity Rule
Me and my wife Quixtar business in 1992.I am computer consultant. My wife deepa is stay at home. Quixtar gives her opportunity to feel productive while still providing quality family life for the kids. We are very happy with the opportunity. We are emeralds in the business. Provides us with financial option and non-financial rewards. Before we register people. We give them a brief overview (20 minutes) about the opportunity and invite them to business seminar at the hotel. We meet with them few days after the seminar for followup. Most of the time people need to attend one product meeting (PASE) before they decide to become an IBO. This process itself takes 7-10 days. providing extra 7 day wait after this will slow down growth of the business and thus ability for a new person to make income immidiately. Life is already busy. I will not like my name to be given as reference. Will be crazy to talk to someone I don't know and be truthful about things. I don't expect IBOs to provide refernces for us - when we are not happy to reciprocate. I don't know how to collect all litigation cases. If unresolved litigations needs to be reported - then ALL happy stories should be shared too. In the world of internet prospective IBOs have access to all these information. We give them enough time to think for themselve. Even after that, if they make mistakes everything from corporation is refundable in 6 months. we don't get people started by showing off - how good we have done. That does not build belief in them that they can do it. People join us - because they feel that we will be able to help them achieve success. Its our sincerity. What we achieved in the business is not an example of what can be achieved. We use FTC approved SA4400 to talk about all the incomes. Sanjeev