Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11221

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James Neering
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Business Opportunity Rule
To the FTC re propased Business Opportunity Rule, CFR Citation, 16 CFR Part 437. Published 4/12/2006. The proposed rule changes I believe would place undue burdens on the conduct of my business in the following areas. The 7 day wait period, Providing References, need to provide a litiagation list, earnings disclosures and the financial substantiation sections. I am a Registured Pharmacist by profession. We are reguired to comply with all HIPP regulations. The rules as proposed would violate the privacy of my business and also my personal life to a degree that is not necessary and would not provide a new prospect with what they need to make a clear chioce concerning this business. We use the SA 4400 (Quixtar form) provided under current FTC rules when working with new prospects. I feel that form gives a prospect enough information to make a good choice as to either seek more info from Quixtar or the FTC, BBB or the State Attorney General of Colorado. The form also provides them with info concerning the money back Quarentee available. Thank you, James E. Neering, RPh.