Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11199

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Dennis & Robbin Mckinzie
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Business Opportunity Rule
I am a 19 year UPS driver and my wife works for the Garfield County District Attorney's office. The direct sales company that we represent is a legitimate business with an excelllent product. The product and business was recommended to us through a friend approximately 50 miles from our home. By becoming a business partner with Xango it has enhanced my abilities and confidence working with the public. We have enjoyed the product and the income as a result of being distributors with this company. We realize there are fraudulent groups and individuals that prey on the unsuspecting; however we feel this rule punishes the legitimate direct selling businesses such as ours. The seven-day waiting period would take away the postive spontaneity. If this rule was applied to furniture or appliance companies it would devastate their businesses. The elimination of the $500 business threshold forces the majority of direct selling companies to comply with other provisions of the proposed rule that are more appropriate for businesses requiring a greater investment than a direct selling sales kit such as ours for only $35. The litigation reporting is unfair in that it does not distinguish between winning and losing lawsuits. The earnings claims and having the references of the "10 nearest existing sales people" will be very difficult to acquire and the illegitmate can easily provide inaccurate information. Again, while we appreciate FTC's mission to protect the public from fraudulent companies, we feel these rulings would punish our legitimate business while the scam artists will continue to scam the public by providing false information. Please consider the burden these rulings would put on the honest small businesses that is the backbone of our country. My wife and I pride ourselves in our honesty and integrity in the way we conduct our direct sales business, we feel that if these rules are implemented it would target our business and put it in a negative light. Please strongly consider "not" to rule in such a way that might devistate those of us that have desires of owning our own businesses and bringing our dreams back to life once again. Thank you for providing a channel in which we can communicate our appreciation and our concerns. Sincerely, Dennis and Mckinzie Xango indep dist.