Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11166

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charles durso
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Business Opportunity Rule
FTC commission, My wife and I have been in business (mlm) for 24 years with a prior background in accounting.I have made a respectful income as a quixtar ind. bus.owner while helping people help themselves. Our PASSION is helping people and therefore,we've allways conservativly presented the quixtar business compensation plan with integrity,emphasising it is a busness model and it can work in a multitude of ways.However, the example being presented is an example to coincide with literture (ie. quixtar's SA-4400) that we'll lend you for review.The goal is not to register people who want to make money as much as it is to find people who are willing to work for the money they want to earn,so it must be disclosed that this opportunity requires work.This is what we've been taught,and this is what we teach. I appreciate so much the FTC wanting to protect a prospect from a potential scam.HOWEVER,when I enterd into Baruch college to persue a career in accounting, that school board was not required to submit to me any and all past and pending law suits.I chose my career and I was taught accounting principles and procedures in accordance with rules of conduct and if those principles were compromised I would lose my right to practice.If lawsuits and litigations were presented to me ,I would have never gotten my education out of fear. When persuing my accounting career,I was never privledged to have disclosed partner incomes or any other levels from the bottom of the chain to the top of the accounting firm including there private home numbers and addresses as a point of referance at my career interview.It was made known to me that the top(partnership level) was the desirable place to be and that income will vary based upon individual performance.I never received information in referance to how many people are selected to be in a partnership level out of all graduating students,so i'm not sure why this will apply. My wife and I provide a weekly meeting location where prospects can see a professional presentation,meet other independant business owners,and recieve the proper training. When the prospect has done their due deligence and is ready to begin their new career they can register for $140 and any other support materials are optional.They have more than a ''7 DAY PERIOD" if they are disattisfied;THEY GET A REFUND.That's more than I got back at The new york institute of technology when my son half way through the semister decided he didn't want to be an architect. This is now our primary source of income outside of some minor market investments.Your proposed rulings will create an adverse decline in the growth of our businesses because of the complications of time requirements and invasion of privacy, it no longer becomes a business you can begin in addition to a full time career. Thank You for acknowledging my input. CHARLES DURSO