Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11156

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Manish Bathija
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Business Opportunity Rule
My Comments to the FTC prosposal I belive that prospects looking at the Quixtar Opportunity have a 90 day grace period to see if the business is for them. And so with such a gauranteee "the wait seven days after receiving disclosures before they could register" should not be imposed on Quixtar wannabe IBOs . Also, in any industry the maximum number of references required is 3. This is true for a job interview or college admission. So why should there be a proposal for 10 references. Once the prospect comes to a business presentation, they will be introduced to 3 business owners. That along with the literature pack should suffice for the prospect to make an educated decision No francshise or job opportunity ever requires to give a list of all lawsuits, arbitrations, and other legal claims to the candidate in question. Most people don't have the knowledge to understand the documents of that nature. As long as the prospects are given literature material to review and are encouraged to make an educated decision based on their review The proposal to provide prospects with personal financial documents to back up ("substantiate") any income claim is ridculous. The IBOs should be cautioned to refer to the FTC approved document for the income claims. That is accurate and should suffice for the prospect . We as business owners encourage FTC to investigate and close down scams and get rich quick schemes. However, the proposed changes will severly affect my quixtar business. And Quixtar has always closely adhered to the FTC regualtions and consideration must be taken to revise the proposal based on the feedback from business owners. Regards Manish Bathija