Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11134

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Business Opportunity Rule
Quixtar has been a great business opportunity for us that created choices for our family. The requirement of a seven-day waiting period: This rule is unnessasarily going to delay the opportunity to get sucess faster if the person is ready. Also there is 100% money back policy. The requirement to provide references: No business runs on giving credit to the competition. The requirement to provide a "litigation list": There is enough information on the website for them to study. Also since there are credible partners(IBM, Barnes and Noble, Circuit City who would have already done the law suits cheks on the opportunity. The requirement for specific earnings disclosures: These are printed on the brochures we give the prospects to study. The requirement for financial substantiation: This rule will invade the privacy of the incomes. Its an opportinity and the prospect can create more than the person presenting the opportunity.