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Business Opportunity Rule
To whom it may concern: I have been an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with Quixtar for 6 years. The opportunity has been a blessing both financially as well as personally. This is a legitimate company with honest IBOs, and I am deeply concerned about the proposed rules. A 7 day wait period would delay the opportunity to generate income, which is the primary goal of any new IBO or prospect, or in starting any kind of business Prospects are already encouraged to hear from local IBOs who have been successful in the business. Adding the requirement to force conversations (recommendations) would deter from the progress that can be made for the new prospect. Providing a Litigation List upon registration (or at the Business Presentation) is unnecessary. Any large corporation has litigation and when a major company brings in any new partner or employee, companies do not provide a list of all litigations. I've certainly never been shown any list of past litigations with any company I have worked for. Making this a requirement would be unreasonable and burdensome, and would increase my cost of growing my business structure. With Quixtar, we already state earnings averages in the business presentation. When I sponsor new IBOs, I give them a printed sheet with income percentages they can earn, with the average income for active IBOs clearly listed, so they understand this is not a "get rich quick" fix, but that they will have to work in order to get financial results...the harder they work, the better the result will be. More litigation surrounding this concern would be redundant at best. I have made well over the stated average (monthly) income since working with Quixtar. I am proud of my accomplishments, but do not feel it would be appropriate to share my personal income information with a new prospect. With this business, unlike traditional businesses, it does not matter how much the sponsor earns or does not earn. The income for the new prospect is determined by his/her personal business production, not the income of the sponsor. It would also put my personal information out there to increase my risk of identity theft, and is an unreasonable request in today's climate. I understand there are illegitimate networking companies, but Quixtar is a fair, honest opportunity for everyone. I'm sure there are traditional businesses out there who have no scruples?. Enron comes to mind. Please do not make rulings to hurt the success of my business in an attempt to stop illegal and dishonest people. It would greatly damage my opportunity to help others increase their monthly income, and to participate in the mentoring process of their personal development. Thanks for your time, and listening to my concerns. Sincerely, Sandra Keeth R.T.(R)(M)(CT)(A.R.R.T.)