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Brenda Kozar
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Business Opportunity Rule
I would like everyone to know that Lia Sophia is a very honest Company to work for. It's a very honest company who offers alot for anyone who is in this business. It gives you the help and information you need from the very beginning to get you started and is the only company I know of that can give you everything to start your business for less than $150.00. Yes I was leary at first everyone is when it comes to putting money into anything. I have been in this business for only about a month and already made my money back I spent on my kit which by the way is well worth more than $150.00. I have two kids and live in a 2 bedroom condo and almost lost everything. I had to file Bankruptcy and my husband is in a Chapter 13 repayment plan now. It sucks or should I put it more polite because I feel our government don't do enough to help the ones that are in the most need. I worked in Real Estate for almost 10 years now and spent well over 40 to 50 thousand in fees, advertising, association costs, office fees, and whatever other fees involved and can still say that I never had the chance to get that money back nor get ahead. With Lia Sophia I spent 150.00 and made that plus so far. This is and should be considered a top 100 company to work for. I can thank GOD for letting me find this opportunity and can also say that the people who are affiliated with this company are there to help you as much as you need help with. They are all very professional and fun people to be work with.