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Business Opportunity Rule
Dear Sirs, I have been an IBO with Quixtar since Sept. 2005. I have learned how to operate the business, and have been able to pass on the business to other people and friends. I am happy to see your effort in ruling out dishonest business owners. I hope to see a good rule be established to rule out dishonest business and hope that, at the same time, to assist honest business and business owners to continue expand their business with ease. I have a couple of comments on your proposed Business Opportunity Rules. The 7-day waiting period before a prospect can register themselves is unnecessary for opportunities like Quixtar. Because a new IBO can withdraw his/her registration anytime they like. If during the registration, product pack was purchased, they would be under the Quixtar full refund and 100% satisfaction guarantee. By imposing a 7-day waiting period rule may postpone new IBOs' ability to move forward on a timely basis. This will also create burden on sponsoring IBO's work to keep track of prospect IBOs' status after they understand the opportunity. About specific personal earning disclosure, I feel it is irrelevant to disclose one's personal earning to every prospect because it is unlike selling a traditional business to a prospect. It is merely introducing a possible business opportunity. Disclosing one's earning violate one's privacy, should it become a requirement for all IBOs. On the requirement to provide 10 references, it will require IBO to disclose other IBO's private personal information to strangers and may cause other unwanted results. I strongly suggest to eliminate this requirement. Regarding having to provide information regarding to lawsuits, arbitrations etc, regardless of their result, to every prospect, it is simply not practical to have such a requirement on every IBO. I just can't imagine the additional workload for each IBO having to provide such information. And, on the disclosure on income claims, it will be easier to have the company to provide a standard average monthly gross income statement, (already available), and IBOs can just refer the prospects to that piece of public information. Sincerely, Yu, Shao Hong