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teresa li
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Business Opportunity Rule
my name is Teresa Li, I have been IBO for five years. I love this business, and will stay in this business until my dream come ture. I believe Quixtar business will bring me not only income, it gives me health life, and positive thinking, it will makes me become a better person. I registered as IBO, i got all the information before I made this decision, also I provided all the information to my new IBO. We all understand Quixtar is not quick money, and requires hard work,and no guarantee of success. We paid the fee as IBO, if any one decided to leave the business in one year, company will give money back. Regarding the seven days waiting, I think it is not right. Because new IBO if he wants to enjoy this business, he would like to start right now, and he wants to order the products too. Why he has to wait seven days to register? Also for my own business, it will delay my business profit too. The requirement to provide reference, it will cauce the risk that my prospect might register with one of the reference instead of me. If I have to get other IBO's name, address, and phone number, it would violated the privacy. Provide the litigation list, will also cause a lots of law violations, and bring more work to IBOs. I don't think ant IBO should provide earning disclosures. Because it is personal information. Quixtar business is individual's business, it will earn income because hard work. If I work really hard, and I make more income, it is not means all my IBO will do the hard work. So provide personal income to new prospects is meaningful. If the FTC required to offter prospect the financial record, I would think is inappropriate. Because how much I make is my privacy. I am not guarantee my prospect will make same income as I make. If my prospect work harder than me, he will make more than me. otherwise if my prospect work less than me, he will get less. Quixtar business is very fair business. No one can guarantee how much can earn through this business. Because all depands on how much hard work. So just work hard, and will make money, and will gives me the better lifestyle. I believe so! Thank you!