Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11078

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Jenny Schirmer
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Business Opportunity Rule
My husband and I have been IBO's for several years, now. We have set a goal of not quitting our business or on the people we have sponsored into this Quixtar business. Our next goal in our business is to get six new people started in their own independent businesses. The Quixtar opportunity is built during our "off" (not during our normal job hours) time. It does not interfere with our respective jobs. This opportunity has brought more than income into our lives; we have learned a lot about the history of our nation and it's economic system that was not taught at great length during our years of formal education. There are people who are willing to help us grow our business and they are not just concerned about the money aspect of it. They don't make any money if we don't and likewise with the people we show this opportunity to and they decide to pursue a business of their own. When we started our business we were given all the information we needed to make an informed decision. We give the same information to our new prospects so they can make an informed decision. We make sure that the information is up to date and nothing left out. We, also, make sure that everyone knows that it takes hard work and dedication to make this business work as it does to make any legitimate business prosper. This is done by word of mouth or in written form with literature given them upon request. When a prospect registers as a new IBO the cost varies from $50-$160 that depends on the product and/or literature packet they choose. They understand that there is a money back guarantee, within a certain time limit (about 120 days), should they decide not to pursue the business. The proposed seven-day waiting period for a prospect to wait before registering could slow down their business and ours (as they are linked) significantly. It could take two to three months for their business to be profitable, which would then slow down their business to years instead of months of reaching certain levels. They may not realize the value of the opportunity they have been given. When registering a new IBO, they are given a packet of information on the IBO business plan; Quixtar facts and statistics, how to get started, etc. We walk them through the registering process step by step, answering any questions they may have, should they decide to become and IBO. If they decide not to pursue this opportunity and have registered they can get their money back from the Quixtar corporation, or we will reimburse them ourselves. TThey would not be able to see themselves becoming profitable within a thirty day time period, should they have to have a seven-day waiting period. The Quixtar business is a simple business opportunity. We understand and agree with the FTC about businesses that are illegitimate in nature and should be held accountable. We hope that you will take into account the legitimate business opportunities and not make it difficult for them to continue in building their businesses and helping other people build their businesses.