Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11071

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cody e. mckinney
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Business Opportunity Rule
problem #1 comment: I don't agree with the waiting period. I believe this will hinder rather than accel our business! problem #2 comment: I believe that we already take car of this it is not reasonable to make this practice mandatory! problem #3 comment: The litigations with the corporation are the corporations problems to overcome. People know and understand what has happened and how things have changed in the face of business. I see know reason to bring this up in presenting a great opportunity problem #4 comment: The income is proven in the business through our mentors. There is no need to have to present disclosures to prove anything. problem#5 comment: This is a little out of hand. If you base business on mentorship, relationships, and friendship there is no need to prove what you personally make because it is the new people on the team that we focus on.