Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11062

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Linda Tuite
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Business Opportunity Rule
Dear FTC Members, We support and agree with your desire to ensure that consumers have accurate and valid information in order to decide wisely whether or not to participate in a business opportunity. However, we are concerned that parts of your proposed rule will penalize and be detrimental to legitimate businesses such as Quixtar. My husband and I are independent business owners affiliated with Quixtar for the last 7 years. Through our training system,which for us is available from Efinity, we are taught to represent this opportunity honestly and accurately and to work with our customers and business partners with integrity, with respect, and with concern for their success. Often times people are trapped in their lives and their routines and they don't see any way out. Our business offers them a chance at the American Dream. If a person is willing to learn, to work consistently and persistently, and dares to do something out of the main stream.. they can succeed. Most of us spend a lot of time fighting our own doubts and fears and bad habits. It can take a lot of time to grow and change. The 7 day wait before being able to register is damaging to legitimate businesses that guarantee your money back if dissatisfied. People's doubts and fears often take hold after the initial excitement and enthusiasm in learning about the opportunity wears off. Without the ability to prove to them how the eystem works in building a network of people working toward mutual success, they are apt to back out In our business no money is made from registering people. The money comes from people buying products and getting money back for buying them. And everything has a money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied. Because in Quixtar we are all independent business owners affiliated with Quixtar, lawsuits against Quixtar and against other IBO's are NOT an accurate gauge of our business. It would be very damaging to be judged and held accountable for other people's errors or for unproved allegations against them. I also want to point out that being required to disclose our personal finances to everyone considering joining our business violates and infringes on our privacy. It also doesn't accurately represent what that person can do as it depends upon their sense of urgency in making money and their willingness to put in the time and effort necessary to achieve their goals. It would be extremely cumbersome to have to provide exact financial information for each possible income level discussed. Surely there must be a better way to ensure that the prospect isn't being hoodwinked without having to invade other people's financial privacy. Since we are only "small fish in the pond" we don't have the wisdom needed here. However we would encourage you to listen to the ideas of Quixtar and the IBOA board as they have years of experience in trying to do the right thing in providing an honest opportunity to people in an ethical way. We wish you luck in this endeavor. We will pray for you as you seek to do the right thing by each honest opportunity while closing the loopholes that the fraudulent ones use. We count on your integrity, your justice and your wisdom. GOD BLESS!