Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11055

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Sherry Lorenz
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Business Opportunity Rule
I am very proud to have been an IBO since the Quixtar launch. I have been able to increase my confidence, shed my shyness and help build a better lifestyle for my family. My goal is to reach Platinum by next February. I would not be able to increase my income as a nurse, but this business enables me to build part time with the capability to continue growing. I love it! Our mentors are true leaders of our Country showing us servent leadership with free enterprise. My sponsor gave me information about the business, taught me the business plan and helped me show others. I was very aware of the benefits of having a business and helping other people. I was always aware this business or any other worthwhile venture would never be a "get rich quick" idea. This is talked about while sharing the business plan. Prospects and new IBO's spend about $130 when they get registered. They know the entire amount is refundable up to 90 days. All products are 100% guarenteed. I would have been confused and disappointed if I had been told there was a 7 day waiting period to register. I would be suspicious of a waiting period. It seems that would hurt the business. I don't see any benefit. I would delay growth and profit. I want to know where my personal information goes. When I make contacts, I have built the relationship. My contact has the right to accept or reject that. Our prospects always meet the team they will be working with. We attend seminars where leaders stories are told for insiration and teaching purposes. We have product education and share ideas. I do have a problem with a "litigation list". I sounds like "hit list". What about filed cases with no merit? Digging up the past usually builds fear making business plans hard to phathom. I believe some disclosure gives validity to the earnings that can be obtained in this business. Hope is a powerful feeling. We would all do better in life with more hope. The business plan already reveals the income potential. I wouldn't feel comfortable being required to show my financial records to anyone. I have been taught that by my ancestors and country. I may give the information to them is they ask, but I've never considered it as a nurse, why would I do it with my business?