Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11039

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Francie Schad-Estes
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Business Opportunity Rule
re:16 CFR Part 437 The FTC, in my opinion, is creating unnecessary legislation concerning home based businesses. You can not legislate morality. The unscrupulous will continue to prey on the unsuspecting and inexperienced. How will the FTC prevent foreign internet businesses from conducting business? Unless the FTC can make the "brick and mortar" businesses adhere to the same rulings, after all they fall under the FTC by advertising over radio and television, otherwise these rulings they are considering are totally unfair and very discriminating. Few businesses could survive with such restrictions. Could you see a Sam's Club or Costco type membership store stay in business with a 7 day waiting period? We are Independent Marketing Executives for Melaleuca Inc. Melaleuca will refund to any member who wishes to resigns by putting their resignation in writing before the 25th day of any month. In fact, if they quit prior to their first 120 days, the membership/business kit, as long as it's in resalable condition, is totally refundable. All their products have a 60 day, empty bottle, no questions asked, money back guarantee. We have an attrition rate of less than 5% and the major reason I have lost a Preferred Customer is because they forgot to notify us about changing banks, closing out a credit card or not realizing we need the new expiration date when their credit cards expired. We have an Internet Better Business Bureau and maybe the FTC should better educate the public about not doing business with companies that don't subscribe to IBBB guidelines. All I know is that my husband and I are both handicapped. We could not find a reputable company willing to employ us from home and traveling for me due to my health is a monumental undertaking. If it wasn't for our home based business to supplement my early retirement and SSDI incomes, we would be living in a shelter. One day, we are slower at growing our business due to our physical limitations, we hope to be off SSDI and living the life we used to have. Frankly, I have been in 22 multi-level marketing companies and lost money every time. They did not offer to refund my money. I would be livid if they gave my telephone number out to someone who was investigating their company because I quit them. My privacy is being violated. Again, the scam artist would just have bogus parties claiming hardship; not lack of real product or poor service or unethical practices. Again you will harm legitimate businesses and the crooks will get around the loopholes. They could also go overseas which many have and continue to abuse spamming laws etc. Lawsuits should be registered at the IBBB. In this way, everyone could be aware of such things but the results of the lawsuit should also be recorded at the IBBB. The problem again is that often things are settled out of court due to the expense having a trial would cost. It looks like a company is guilty when in fact they are avoiding a long drawn out nuisance suit. Please don't damage my business by associating it with the few bad businesses that are out there. Most of the 22 MLM businesses we tried had top heavy revenue sharing concepts, didn't have consumable products that people wanted and wanted to order each month, and were difficult to sell, but that is the nature of business. Some make it most don't. Respectfully, Francie Schad-Estes