Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11035

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Rae Gholson
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Business Opportunity Rule
I agree totally on what you are trying to accomplish, and the Quixtar business believe in all the ethical standards that you are trying to insure. I have been an IBO for 1 1/2 years, and have done my best to build a ligitimate, honest business without deceiving prospects in order to get their business or confidence. I believe in honesty, and know that our company does too.The benefits of the business are numerous besides the income possibilities like developing friendships and helping other people realize their dreams. I was given all the information needed to make an educated decision.and now make sure that prospects know that this is not a get rich quick sceem and takes hard work. I want them to come in with that knowledge right off the top we don't want problems and people dropping out. It only cost me 350.00 to register, and I spend about 30.00 a mo. for educational material and I do not have to do that. A 7 day wait would hinder new IBOs from registering family and friends and discourage their desire to progress. Also all this disclosure about law suits is not fair as not all could be true and prospects or we would not what was true or not and also lead to more deceat about our business. Also if they are not satisfied in any way they have the opportunity to back out and receive their money back. My prospects meet and hear other IBOs in the business, and learn about their experiences and have the opportunity to ask questions. I explain everything possible so that they know what they are getting into before hand and the work involved, and the support they will get from team leaders.I also feel that is would be a violation of privacy to have to disclose to prospects my income and it might give them unreal expectations for their personal abilities, or it may not be enough to them to be worth the effort and they may miss out on a wonderful opportunity, and that can work both ways.I discribe to them possiblities and tell them about people that are accomplishing their goals without giving them specific income amounts. We also disclose downfalls or obsticles they will undoubtly run across, and different examples of the knowledge they will need to gain, through learning materials and experience, with our help all a long the way. Immediately after registering the new IBO receives a Quixtar business guide, that we recommend they read. I and my upline also try to instill in them the moral obligations and to be as honest as possible with their prospects. I do understand and support the reason behind this proposal, but think that the requirements would hurt our business, and the ability for the prospective IBOs to get started right away. We want to help them start receiving income immediately, and be able to see how this can build a good income. I don't see a need to give out names and addresses as by going to the events, and meeting locally they meet and talk to people that have been in the business for a long time, and it is obvious how this business has changed their lives for the better. I know that that is not true for every business out there because I have been the object of these scams before. Finally Quixtar upholds the highest moral standards of any business that I know of, and don't want to see these rules break down the opportunity for other to experience what I have and do experience with this business. Respectfully Rae Gholson