Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11014

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Sundar Padmanabhan
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Business Opportunity Rule
I am affiliated with Quixtar as a distributor/Independent business owner since 1991. As a professional working in the high technology industry , I find this as one of the best opportunities to create additional income where one controls the time you put into your own business. I have benefited immensely from the system ( BWW) interms of education and mentorship . Apart from the opportunity to create additional income and cementing financial security in the long term, I find the values and experience learned from operating this business to be invaluable . As we believe this to be a long term business we take time to explain to the prospects, that though this is a legitimate business opportunity, this is not a get rich quick scheme and on the contrary effort is required to make the different income levels . The proposed FTC rules may potentially have a negative impact in growing this business and curtail prospects from taking advantage of this opportunity . While the propect is currently educated that this is a long term business, asking them to wait for 7 days and having to provide 10 references of IBOs to a prospect does not provide any additional information to the prospect while potentially invading the privacy of other IBOs. While signing up, if the prospect has the opportunity to get money back on their registration and products within a reasonable time(say 60 -90 days) , the prospects interest is taken care of . Regarding providing a list of litigations against Quixtar , this does not make sense and may confuse the prospects as this list may include allegations that has no merit. For the requirement to provide specific earning disclosure, providing the prospect with the average income of an active distributor should suffice .