Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11006

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sean freeman
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Business Opportunity Rule
My family has been so blessed by our home based business. We hope to be able to slow down and enjoy our lives together and create the most heart felt memories. We were first introduced to XANGO about six months ago and when we experienced the product for ourselves we felt compelled to share it. Network marketing is still very new to us, but we love the idea that you can choose the people you work with and work part time. Everyone should have a home based business just for the tax incentives alone. I have personally grown in my listening skills and knowing the right questions to ask at the right time. We have the abililty to dramatically affect the quality of life of thousands of people by deciding to do this business and that alone touches my heart with joy everyday.. We understand and appreciate that your organization is concerned about fruad in our industry and those whom try to profit illegally from it. Our concerns are that most of people not only in our industry, but in the world are trying to help each other to have a better life. When I first read through the proposed changes I became overwhelmed by how much more difficult it will be to get prospects to even look at this legitamite business. First I would like to address the seven day waiting period. I believe this cast our industry in a negetive light. If someone wanted to sign up just to get their product at wholesale they would have to wait a week This is impractical and would require more paper work. This proposal would in my opinion discourage people from getting started and cause an air of suspicion among prospective purchasers when told of the waiting period required by the FTC. The next proposal I feel that will greatly affect our industry in a negative way is the list of nearest refences. First of all, any fruadulant business can come up with a list of "references" of people involved in a fruadulant business. Second, this requirement is very burdensome for the company we represent and ourselves by prolonging the waiting period. Finally, this proposal will affect our right to privacy by having our names, address and phones available to people whom we don't know and who may be a competitor. The last proposal I would like to comment on is the disclosure of legal actions. I feel that at least this one should be reconsidered. Litigations unrelated to this business opportunity are irrelavant and possible detrimental. Also, just because their has been a lawsuit, the most important thing is the outcome. This proposal does not distinguish between winning and losing lawsuits. I hope that you consider my comments because I am very concerned that these proposals will have a dramatic negative affect on millions of people's home based business's. Getting started in any new endeavor in life takes a lot of determination and a few good reasons that your passionate about. Please, reconsider the detrimental impact these changes will have on people looking for change in their lives. I thank you for your time and attention. May you walk with peace in your heart. Sean Freeman