Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11003

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Joshua Nelson
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been an Independent Business Owner affiliated with Quixtar for the last five years and I am writing to share my concern with some of the FTC's proposed rules regarding business opportunities. While I applaud the FTC for there intent and desire to end criminal and fraudulent practices I do believe some rules go beyond protecting consumers against such practices and in fact inhibit the practice of legitimate business opportunities. One thing I have greatly appreciated about the Quixtar Business Opportunity is the ability I have to fit it into my full schedule; balancing work, family, friends, responsibilities, and hobbies. When I was registered into the Quixtar Business Opportunity my sponsor explained to me the full and expected costs of running and maintaining my business. They explained to me and gave me a copy of the SA-4400 showing me the income potential. They also showed me the average monthly gross income for active independent business owners. They also told me it would not be easy. I feel that I was fully made aware and informed to make my own decision based on the facts of my own research. Today when I share the Quixtar Business Plan with others I give them the very same information. I also encourage them to do their own research. Just this last month I showed the business plan to a very good acquaintance I left him all the information required and encouraged him to do his own due diligence. He did and a couple weeks later he contacted me excited and ready to start his own Quixtar Affiliated Business. This was as it should be. We give the prospect the required materials and let them do their own due diligence, but by creating a time constraint on when they can register does nothing for the prospective Business Owner by means of helping them get the proper information. In regards to proper information; requiring Independent Business Owners to give a list of other local Independent Business Owners would create a concern for privacy as well as a risk for competition and stealing of prospects. In the business opportunity world the success is open for those who work hard. What would be the benefit of my prospective business owner speaking to someone who doesn't put time and energy into the success of their business? Also; what if they speak with someone who encourages my prospect to register with them instead of me? What I love about this business is your sponsor is dedicated to helping you succeed. There is such integrity in this. So if the FTC wants to require IBO's to give this kind of information it would better serve the prospect to get references for the sponsoring IBO's active upline business partners and meet them or speak with them if they so choose and then decide if they are the kind of Business Owners they want to work with. In regards to a litigation list being provided to prospects what is the point? In this sue happy culture it serves no purpose to the prospect. Also, if it is public record let the prospect do their own due diligence. I believe we have nothing to hide; however to the average consumer looking to supplement their income with a business opportunity like Quixtar this has the potential to scare them into thinking they may be sued or if they have been sued this information may be openly shared with others. Again I am very excited about the FTC taking a strong stance on ending illegal business practices. I believe in the long run it will make our business opportunity much stronger and more respected. However these few proposals while great on their intent are damaging in their result. Please remember all the incredible business opportunities that are being built legally and with great integrity when considering any of these new proposed changes and the consequences they may have on millions of families living and sharing the American Dream. In the land of opportunity let freedom ring. Sincerely, Joshua M. Nelson Lisle, IL