Business Opportunity Rule #522418-10975

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Mike Osgood
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been a Quixtar IBO for just over a year now and from my experience the Quixtar opportunity is the best business opportunity that exists. I believe that this proposal will be beneficial in many ways but in just a few ways it will cause problems with our current process, which has been working well for many years. First, I believe that the seven-day waiting period for registration would cause problems. This would greatly affect the amount of income a new IBO could earn there first few months in business. It is important for new IBOs to become successful in their business within the first few months of registering to help build confidence in their choice to become an Independent Business Owner. This problem can easily be solved by eliminating the waiting period for those opportunities like Quixtar that have a money back guarantee if the prospect is unsatisfied with there decision to become an IBO. Second, I believe the requirement to provide references would be a violation of privacy for those IBOs who do not wish to have their Names, Addresses, and Telephone Numbers passed around. We have already taken care of this problem because when a prospect is exposed to our business plan they are introduced to existing IBOs before and after the business presentation. I believe that our current method is much more beneficial to the prospect then for them to call someone who they do not know, who they may never meet in person, over the phone. Third, the requirement to provide a "litigation list," I feel that this would be misleading to prospects because it may include cases that have been filed which have no merit. Finally, I believe that the requirement for financial substantiation is a violation of privacy. I don't believe an IBO should have to share their financial records with any individual who is not apart of the FTC or other state agency. I thank you for taking the time to read my comments on this proposal and I hope that you find them beneficial. Sincerely, Mike Osgood