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Business Opportunity Rule
My wife and I have been IBO's since 1997. There are several concerns with the proposed rule. The financial outlay is actually less today than when we registered and we were told we could get a refund if we desired.We registered several people, who exercised that option, even though they had several meetings with us, came to open opportunity meetings where they met many more than 10 IBOs in our area,and received additional training materials.This always was in a time period that spanned several weeks,so a mandatory 7 day waiting period would not be necessary, as most people look at the business several times before they decide to sign up. My wife and I took several months to decide, based on many meetings with our sponsors, meeting others who were active in our area, and our own time frame. Our sponsors never pressured us.So, my point is that Quixtar has always been a business that gave a generous refund policy to those people who decided they really didnt have the desire or committment to be successful. There were others who were ready, excited, and needed to begin right away. I would compare this to a person needing to lose weight, who looked at several plans, decided which one was right for them, and wanted to get started immediately. What if that person had to wait 7 days before registering for and receiving diet help and advice, and what if there were only a few people at the meeting, and they could not start until they found 10 people who had lost weight and were willing give their personal information. And ,how would this be relevent to their future experience anyway, as each person's goals are different, their food choices would be different, how much it would really cost to lose their weight would differ. It is the same with us, no two businesses are structured the same, and potential income is always explained in the terms of what amount of effort one wants to expend and that both time and money needs to be put into the effort in order for income to be generated. In the materials we put in front of future IBOs, we have always given printed "average income statistics". We always tell our potential IBOS that this is definitely not a" get rich quick" but that with consistant effort, and our help and help from our upline, that they can achieve income results that are illustrated. I have received my bonus every month since 1997. Regarding the proposed requirement to give "references"- I see that as an intrusion unless it is in my personal group- and my prospective IBOs would be meeting these IBOs anyway, as they have in the past, who offered their names and phone numbers so they could help them build their businesses as promised. But, to have my name available to others looking to get into other groups, that would be a violation of my privacy. Because this opportunity is available to ALL people, other IBOs may put this opportunity in front of people that I would not want to sponsor, thereby, risking my safety and privacy. It should be my decision to whom I give my information. I believe this would discourage others from signing up. This rule puts all the responsibilty to provide answers to anticipated questions on IBOs. We have always tried to provide as much information as humanly possible, but when I first saw the business, I knew it was MY job to review the materials, call the chamber of commerce, and BBB, - all the due diligence necessary- things i do now, whenever i make a large purchase or look at other financial vehicles. There are so many websites available now to get the information quickly that I feel it is still the "buyer's" obligation to do the inquiries. Quixtart is an excellent company to be associated with, and I would not like to see the proposed rule passed as it might keep many people with no other ability to own a business of their own, from a low risk- high potential income opportunity that also has improved our lives through new friendships, skills and insights .