Business Opportunity Rule #522418-10968

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Martin Thode
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
Dear Sirs: In response to your proposed business opportunities rule, I would like to provide the following comments: I believe that any rule should create a level playing field by requiring clear, simple and standardized income disclosures that apply to all direct sellers. I believe that any rule should provide a reasonable cancellation policy. For example: if someone signs up with a direct selling organization, they should have 3 days to change their mind and should get all off their money back. I don't think the proposed seven-day waiting period before a prospect can register with the business is a fair idea. Having an inforceable cancellation period should be good enough. Good grief, the waiting period for buying a gun is only something like 3 days isn't it! I don't think that a business owner should have to list all legal allegations and other legal claims from the past 10 years. Are General Motors and Ford Motor company required to do this to sell you a car? I don't think that a business owner should have to disclose financial record to prospects. People come to and live in the United States of America to have the opportunity to get ahead in life and to make a better life for their children. Please do not make another rule that could put another obstacle in the way and hinder this dream. Sincerely, Martin Thode, Jr