Business Opportunity Rule #522418-10953

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William Schneck
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Business Opportunity Rule
We have been Independent Business Owners (IBOs) for approximately five years with the Quixtar and Legacy Business Group organizations. We have enjoyed the benefits of our association and the company of the people with which we do business. 1. A seven day waiting period to sign up is excessive. The average person will not understand this regulation and may interprete the wait to mean that the business is illegal or not legitimate. * An extended refund period of several weeks would achieve the same goal and not dter the client. Our business has a one year refund period. 2. Providing 10 references of persons not associated with my business. * It cannot be helpful for a prospective client to contact persons not affiliated with our business. How others operate their businesses is their own affair. How we run my business is our concern and the concern of those working with us. 3. Every prospect to receive litigation list. * This is unfair. How come I dont have to have a litigation list to shop at Walmart? 4. Separate disclosures for each example * Currently we provide potential clients with average incomes for persons at various income levels. These advertised average incomes were reviewed and approved by the FTC. I dont see why this should be an issue. I am not allowed by the Quixtar organization to advertise anything but the approved average income levels. 5. Requirement to disclose how much I make. * I suppose every contractor, store and business owner should be subject to the same regulations. Perhaps everyones' earning statements should be posted at the entrance of every store in America. My income is my own affair. I provide prospective clients with FTC approved average rates of income for people at various levels of business volume. I can tell you that none of the sales people for GE, Siemens, or Phillips are obligated to tell me their income even when I am being prospected to join their sales force. They only provide company pay and bonus structures. Is this so different from what we do? 5.