Business Opportunity Rule #522418-10950

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Daniel Erickson
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Business Opportunity Rule
While I laud your efforts to clean up the illigitimate 'business offers', I must protest a few of the proposed rule changes for IBO's. Past litigation is not an accurate indicator of the business, which is the hope of many and has quite a large organization which spans the globe. Ours is a litigation-happy country. People resort to litigation for many reasons, some of the most prominent being money, revenge, an inability to work issues out amongst themselves, self-righteousness. This issue would best be resolved during a student's high school education. We generally do not teach how to handle finances or discern good business opportunities. Litigation going back ten years is not an accurate indicator of current business status. Another provision which will handcuff independent business owners is the 7-day wait before signing up an associate. Again, the answer is teaching people how to properly research and evaluate business opportunities in a rational manner, not hampering their ability to make decisions. This is intrusive, disrespectful and demeans people by imposing some kind of government 'curfew' to prevent them from making bad business decisions. Adults need to be treated with respect and dignity, not as babies needing governmental babysitters. Finally, I also object to the financial disclosure requirement. People's personal finances from their businesses is private information. Contained within our business opportunity are previous requirements, such as the 'average' IBO income, in addition to explicit arithmetic which clearly demonstrates the actuality of the numbers. In addition to all of this, I appeal to you personally because your proposed rule changes will so seriously impede my business so as to make it a considerable challenge. In the 13 years I have been a Quixtar IBO, I have never seen any dishonesty, misrepresentation or hiding of relevant information, including various lawsuits that unhappy individuals have filed against this incredible organization who has helped thousands upon thousands better their lives, and not just materially. Your rule interferes too much, and attacks the problems of illigitimate 'businesses' from the wrong angle. These basics need to be taught in junior high/high school. This is where the battle belongs. Thank you for your time.