Business Opportunity Rule #522418-10944

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kameel ogeer
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Business Opportunity Rule
I am an IBO for appoxamately 3years and have always set my goals to high standads and i have successfully accoplished some of them.My goals for the up coming future to be bran new platnum this Aug and to be Dimond in Aug 2008.This business is the grates thing that me and my wife has ever joined, Quixtar and BWW has changed hour lifes it has made us beter people.It has help me to meat the most remarkable and loving people a person could ever find. Buy changing the rules it will make building this business even more difficult it will be imposible to have success..This business is most simple,because you are educated on the rules on how the businss works and how to build it sucessfully.Further more it was pointed out that you have to work hard and it is not a over night scam. In conclusion i am asking to do not make these changes because because a lot of lives familes will be lost,hurt,devastated. THANKS FOR YOUR CORPORATION KAMEEL OGEER