Business Opportunity Rule #522418-10929

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Olalekan Fajana
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been in business for the past six months. To cut to the chase, I make sure that my prospects get all the information they need during an informational session. Futhermore, this process would be made a little difficult if prospects feel like the seven day waiting period you are suggesting. Seven days would literally put a hold on how effective our marketing startegies are. If the prospect feels like he is ready to start he should be allowed to. In the case of fraudelent pyramid schemes, what would stop them from ignoring this rule, making the legitimate business we own open for more cases and false accusations.The ten references to other business owners, past and/or present would infringe the privacy of former ibo's who would prefer to remain unknown. The specific earning disclosure, concerning this topic I say that it should be left as is. Prospects get enough information from this and other sources provided that would give them the ability to make an educated decision.