Business Opportunity Rule #522418-10922

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Cassaundra George
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Business Opportunity Rule
Dear Sirs: I have been a Quixtar IBO for more than a year. My bonus checks have always reflected my activity level. I am very happy with the mentoring team with which I am associated. Any questions I have had have been fully and honestly answered. I am taught that integrity of character is of the utmost and should be practiced at all times in my business. Regarding the recent proposed rule entitled "Trade Regulation Rule on Business Opportunities", I would like to give a few comments for your consideration. It is my understanding that this rule proposes that prospects must wait at least 7 after receiving disclosures before they can register as business owners. This restriction seems reasonable on the surface but would put an undue time constraint on already strained personal calendars, both the prospect's and the business owner's. They should be free toschedule the registration process on thier own tiime frame. It has been my experience that the prospecting and registration process usually takes at least three weeks. In respect to the proposals which require references with complete contact information to be given to prospects. This is a direct violation of standard privacy practices which are being implemented by banks, hospital, and other institutions. There could be dangerous induviduals who would use this to harm the reputationor creditrecord of the persons whose names are on the references list. The proposed rules would only impact the honest, and would do little good. Please consider these things. Thank you.