Business Opportunity Rule #522418-10913

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E A Pajor
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been and Independent Business Owner powered by Quixtar for 2years and 9months. I hold a full time job in corporate america and my wife works part-time as well. The opportunity has been great for my family as it has provided the option for us to make additional income, meet new people and improve ourselves. 7 day wating period response: The Opportunity for individuals deciding to enter as an IBO powered by Quixtar offers a moneyback guarantee for products for 180 days as well as for business support materials (additonally, all products come with pre-paid shipping return slips with packaging. These facts and many others available for anyone to view on under the tab "Quixtar and the Opportunity" within the business reference guide. We took the time to find this information and was advised to check out the opportunity fully by our sponsor. Despite the information they gave us we searched the corporation, the better business beaura and found that the Quixtar Corporation was highly legitimate and like any other industry occasionally has some bad people involved as Independent business owners. In response to disclosing income claims: We have the disclosure that approximately 66% of IBOs are active and it is mentioned several times during the signup materials in print via quixtar upon registration and on their website. I personally was not concerned with how much our sponsor made or didn't make as I saw the opportunity for myself to produce volume and get paid on it with no minimums to get in and stay involved as an Independent Business Owner. Personal tax returns are a private matter. There is no disclosure required for an employee entering a job at a corporation that says that personal tax returns and income statements need to be shown to the "employee to be" of the manager to back up claims as to how much commission employees are making from the past X number of years. Again, pay comes down to performance. Personal references are always optional in the way I build my business and I have even spoken to a prospective of a different organization. There is no need to mandate this sort of disclosure, again, a company hiring employees is not required to list out references from his potential employer to check out his new coworkers from current and past employees. Past Litigation: There are plenty of sites to see litigation on the Internet specifically. I personally searched the FTC website and other areas on the web to find information about the Quixtar opportunity. Again, proir to working in the Corporate world as a full-time employee I was not supplied a list of litigation and lawsuits before I joined the company I am currently with or anyother job I have ever had since I was 16 years of age. If I wanted to get that information, I know where to find it. It is not neccessary to supply past litigation and issues to prospects. People have the ability as individuals to search out information we are looking for and most is readily accessable online. I believe that it is important to disclose income in a uniform manner and that all direct selling organizations should allow for a 180 day refund. Quixtar maps out and discloses all income based on what has been paid out at different production levels. This company lives up to a high standard for disclosure