Advisory Opinions

FTC staff issue advisory opinions to help clarify FTC rules and decisions, often in response to requests from businesses and industry groups. To find a specific opinion, use the filters on this page.

Opinion 98-4

Apparent applicability of Rule to licensing arrangement in which seller provides significant assistance and exercises significant control by restricting geographic territories in which licensees can solicit business.

Opinion 98-3

Discusses the "required payment" coverage prerequisite, concluding that Rule coverage will not be triggered by the fact that a seller obtains collateral as security for a non-negotiable note due more than six months after a purchaser opens his or her business.

Opinion 98-2

Discusses disclosure updating requirements, concluding that the Rule permits an additional update after the most recent quarterly update to disclose new litigation against a franchisor, but requires such an update only if the franchisor makes earnings claims and the litigation is material to...

Opinion 97-9

Apparent inapplicablity of Franchise Rule to manufacturer's dealership program in which sole arguable payment to the manufacturer would occur, if at all, as a result of manufacturer's right to share in the proceeds of any sale of dealership assets.

Opinion 97-6

Discusses whether a fee may be charged for required identification viewing, and the applicability of the Funeral Rule to mandatory identification viewing.

Opinion 97-7

Apparent applicability of Franchise Rule to licensing to hospitals of a Travel Health Program, discussing whether the program's assistance is "significant" to the hospital's "entire method of operation."