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A Regulator's Perspective on Protecting Consumers and Competitive Marketplaces: Developments at the FTC

Remarks before the American Bar Association, Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice, 2003 Administrative Law Conference

Washington, D.C.


Thank you for this warm reception and the kind introduction, Randy. Facing a room full of experienced and brilliant attorneys is always a daunting task for me, not being a Member of the Priesthood. However, I am usually in my office, a relatively small room, and the odds are sort of even - me against six of you. This setting is ridiculous!! I feel a need to call in the Marines.

A Federal-State Partnership on Competition Policy: State Attorneys General as Advocates

Remarks before National Association of Attorneys General, 2003 Antitrust Seminar

Washington, D.C.


I. Introduction

I am very pleased to be with you today. The organizers of this session have done an excellent job putting together an interesting program, and I am honored to have been asked to present some opening remarks to set the stage for the panel discussion that follows.(1)

The Federal Trade Commission and the Future Development of U.S. Consumer Protection Policy

Remarks before the Aspen Summit, Cyberspace and the American Dream, The Progress and Freedom Foundation

Aspen, Colorado


The views here are those of Chairman Muris
and not necessarily of theCommission or of any other Commissioner.

I. Introduction

On the calendar of an academic, the closing weeks of August mean that a new semester is about to start. To stand at a podium in late summer is to recall the sensation of excitement and apprehension of gathering notes and texts and entering the classroom to begin the school year.

Letter of Resignation

Letter to President George W. Bush announcing resignation


The President
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

By this letter, I tender my resignation as Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission, effective August 1, 2003.

The FTC and Class Actions

Remarks before The Class Action Litigation Summit

Washington, D.C.,


I. Introduction.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain why the Commission has a compelling interest in class action issues, what our concerns are and how we are addressing them.

Private Participation in the Enforcement of Public Competition Laws

British Institution of International & Comparative Law's Third Annual Conference on International and Comparative Competition Law: The Transatlantic Antitrust Dialogue

London, UK


William E. Kovacic
General Counsel

U.S. Federal Trade Commission

British Institution of International & Comparative Law
Third Annual Conference on International and Comparative Competition Law: The Transatlantic Antitrust Dialogue

May 15, 2003