Workshops 2011-2012

FTC staff live-tweets workshops, roundtables, and seminars hosted by the Commission. The FTC will announce a hashtag when it plans to live-tweet a workshop on Twitter, and through a press release or other FTC outreach.

Participants can watch live webcasts and follow the FTC’s Twitter account to submit questions to moderators and panelists online. The FTC will tweet highlights of the workshop, and occasionally retweet other comments about the event. Retweets do not equal endorsements. The goal is to share general information from the event as it happens. Comments are attributed to the individual panelists, moderators, and submitted questions. These tweets do not reflect the views of the Commission.

For more information about FTC events, check out our Events Calendar.

The following is a list of transcripts from events the FTC has live-tweeted:

Topic Date Details Hashtag
Comprehensive Data Collection December 2012 FTC workshop explored benefits and risks of comprehensive collection of online web data. #FTCpriv
Robocall Summit October 2012 The FTC summit explored solutions to the rapid rise in illegal robocalls. #FTCrobo
Pet Medications Workshop October 2012 FTC workshop explored competition and consumer protection issues in the pet medications industry. #FTCpets
In Short: Advertising and Privacy Disclosures in a Digital World May 2012 FTC workshop explored the need for new guidance concerning the use of advertising and privacy disclosures online and on mobile platforms. #FTCdisclose
Paper, Plastic…or Mobile? April 2012 FTC staff hosted a workshop on mobile payments. #FTCmobile
Face Facts December 2011 FTC workshop explored facial recognition technology and the privacy & security implications raised by its increasing use #FTCpriv
Auto Dealers Roundtable November 2011 FTC roundtable explored consumer protection issues that may arise in the sale, financing or leasing of motor vehicles. #FTCbcp
Child Identity Theft July 2011 FTC co-hosted a forum to explore the nature of child ID theft, including foster care ID theft, and ID theft within families. #childIDT
Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) May 2011 FTC workshop discussed how federal antitrust agencies will enforce antitrust laws when competing health care providers create new ACOs. #FTCACO