Statement from Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour

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For Release

I hereby announce my resignation as a Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission, effective April 6, 2010.

The happiest individuals, it is said, are those who are contributing to society. I could not agree more. My tenure as a Commissioner has rewarded me with true contentment and satisfaction, far beyond any other prior professional venture.

During my six and one-half years on the Commission, I have had the privilege of serving with eight tremendously talented Commissioners. I thank all of them for their fellowship and friendship, and for always keeping me "on my game." I also owe a debt of gratitude to the senior managers and career staff, not just for their vast substantive expertise (and their generosity in sharing it), but for their devotion to our agency's competition and consumer protection missions. These individuals are the real driving force behind the Commission's tradition of excellence, and I will always be proud of all we have accomplished together.

My experiences as a Commissioner have confirmed my belief that there is no greater calling than government service. Thank you for the opportunity to serve this country and the American consumer.

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